in PHASE out

Training Course with intergenerational mentoring system regarding old building rehabilitation

The European ‘in PHASE out’ project will be carried out in the frame of remodeling and development of barrier free and accessible buildings for elderly, since the current economic situation that Europe is facing has entailed many changes in the construction sector and this remains a potential labour source for young trainees in the construction branch. In order to fulfill the needs for the construction professionals in the rehabilitation of buildings it is essential to execute properly an identification of knowledge, skills and competences. 

in Phase out is the consequence of a situation common to all 4 partner countries (Belgium, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands) and even extensive to all EU members, which means that collaboration and exchange of good practices among different countries is a clear advantage and a must. Sharing know-how and working together to develop solutions in terms of training in the field of buildings rehabilitation and intergenerational collaborations at a European level constitutes a key to succeed for the project partners.