Soft Skills For Hard Hats-Developing managerial skills for construction workers

In the construction industry it is quite common for good apprentices and, tradesmen to be promoted within their workplace to managerial position, yet they often lack the soft skills – namely teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving- required for such positions. These softe skills are usually lacking within the technical trade training. Providing training in these skills contribute to lifelong learning skill set of the individual and enables them greater work mobility.

The project will create training material that can be used both in a formal learning setting or by individuals in their own time. Each unit will enable participant an individual journey based on the choices they make. At the end of each journey the individual will receive a feedback depending on the “score” gained throughout each scenario. The feedback will focus on why some choices made were wrong and why. Each scenario is based on real life scenario individual is likely to encounter on the building site. The project focuses on 4 groups of scenarios related to 4 different soft skills: communication, leadership, problem solving and working in teams.

The project is adapted from the approach used with construction courses students at Coventry University. Students are put in groups and are placed in the real life construction site office set up within the University’s Simulation Centre. Scenarios are played out using actors and the whole process is monitored by tutoring staff. For CU this project will further develop already successful approach and for other partners it will be enable the tool that simulates real life situations.

Laufzeit: 3.10.2016- 2.10.2018

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